I’VE HAD THE HONOR OF PARTNERING with Hall of Fame and World Champion Public Speakers, keynote presenters, coaches and consultants.


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Vickie Nickel is a joy to work with. She is fast, organized and makes business flow.” – Darren LaCroix, CPS, AS – World Champion of Public Speaking – www.StageTimeUniversity.com




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“After years of putting off hiring a virtual assistant, I finally decided to take the plunge and I’m so glad I did. Vickie Nickel doesn’t just handle my business; she handles it better than I do! She frees me up to do what I do best while she takes care of the rest.” Craig Valentine – World Champion of Public Speaking – www.CraigValentine.com




“I trust Vickie Nickel & Associates to help me run nearly every aspect of my speaking, training, and coaching practice. From back office operations and administration to client-facing conversations and correspondence, Vickie and her staff work seamlessly as an extension of my business and of my personal brand. I simply could not do what I do every day without them!” Sima Dahl – Personal Branding Coach – www.SimaDahl.com



“Vickie Nickel is committed to your success. She takes your business and your customers seriously and treats them like her own. You can trust Vickie with your clients, your reputation, and your money while having confidence your business is growing – even when you’re not working on it.” David M. Dye – Leadership Expert – www.TrailblazeInc.com




“Vickie and her staff have been a delight to work with. Not only did they walk me, a novice, through the webinar process from start to finish, but they created the presentation for me and recorded it! She made it smooth, easy, and fun! She was recommended to me by a friend and I can see why – she’s incredible at what she does” Alli Ferguson – Fitness Coach – AlliFerguson.me



“When you work with Vickie, you not only get a great manager, but a great team of people to support every aspect of a busy speaking and consulting practice.” Nancy Giere – www.NancyGiere.com