Productivity and Business Management for Speakers

As a professional speaker and solopreneur, you wear many hats. You’re the CEO, CMO, CFO, CTO, and COO of your business. This leaves you with little time to focus on what you do best: speaking, creating, and selling!

There’s a way for you to reclaim your time, your energy, and your passion for speaking. It’s called hiring an online business manager. An online business manager coordinates your logistics, products, marketing and sales, operations, and more. In turn, you can do more of what only you can do.

When you work with an online business manager, your business grows as you’re able to spend more time presenting, relaxing with family, connecting with friends, or developing new skills.

I am ready to relieve you of many of the responsibilities of running a business. Best of all, I understand the speaking industry and have the resources and connections to help you achieve your goals.

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After years of putting off hiring a virtual assistant, I finally decided to take the plunge and I’m so glad I did. Vickie Nickel doesn’t just handle my business; she handles it better than I do! She frees me up to do what I do best while she takes care of the rest. And we’ve just scratched the surface.
— Craig Valentine - Author, World Class Speaking / Founder, The Communication Factory, LLC. -

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